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Head First JavaScript Programming

by Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson

This brain-friendly guide teaches you everything from JavaScript language fundamentals to advanced topics, including objects, functions, and the browser’s document object model. You won’t just be reading—you’ll be playing games, solving puzzles, pondering mysteries, and interacting with JavaScript in ways you never imagined. And you’ll write real code, lots of it, so you can start building your own web applications. Prepare to open your mind as you learn (and nail) key topics including:

  • The inner details of JavaScript
  • How JavaScript works with the browser
  • The secrets of JavaScript types
  • Using arrays
  • The power of functions
  • How to work with objects
  • Making use of prototypes
  • Understanding closures
  • Writing and testing applications

What’s so special about this book?

We think your time is too valuable to waste struggling with new concepts. Using the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory to craft a multi-sensory learning experience, Head First JavaScript Programming uses a visually rich format designed for the way your brain works, not a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep. This book replaces Head First JavaScript, which is now out of print.

Head First JavaScript Programming


All the code for Head First JavaScript Programming is conveniently hosted at Github and freely available. If you’ve never used Github before, it’s a good time to start.  And if you have… well, then you know where you are. In either case, just visit the Github link to get to the code. Once you’re there, simply click on the Download ZIP button to the right of the repository file listing, and you’ll get a zip file containing all the code for the book.



For each chapter of this book we’ve created a video to get you started. Each video covers the gist of the chapter, along with discussion of some of the interesting things you might want to pay special attention to; we’ll also give you a sense of what we think you should take away from the Chapter when you’ve completed it.


We created a set of videos to tease out some of the topics we cover in Head First JavaScript Programming. Here, you’ll get a taste of JavaScript; you’ll learn what JavaScript is, a little bit about variables and types, and even best practices to keep in mind about programming JavaScript. These ten videos will get you started with JavaScript and help you feel more confident as you start working your way through the book.

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Before you get started with Head First JavaScript Programming, check out these resources to get you up and running with the browser console, and get a sneak peak of what you’ll be learning as you read the book:



Here are some extra resources to take your JavaScript learning further:

  • Check out the Head First JavaScript Programming Extra about keeping track of this in your code.
  • If you want to set up your own web site to put what you’re learning to good use as you read, here is a list of hosting providers (we don’t recommend any particular hosting site, but these have good reputations).


You’ve learned the fundamentals of JavaScript; now you’re ready to tackle more advanced web applications. The next step is Head First HTML5 Programming. There you’ll find a quick review of JavaScript basics, and then you’ll dive into building real web apps. You’ll create an interactive video application, a fractal visualizer, a sticky notes reminder app, and even create the design for a t-shirt, all using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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