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You’ve done the training, staying disciplined and working your way through those HTML, CSS and JavaScript getting started books. But what you really need is a good project to help it all jell. You need a project that isn’t going to put you to sleep (like building yet another inventory management system).

Get ready for WickedlySmart Projects. This is the next step in your learning journey. With WickedlySmart Projects you put all the pieces together to build real things, interesting things, things you might wanna show your friends (or even use to get a startup going).

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Looking for code samples, errata, book resources, and community for your new Head First book? Just click or touch the book cover below to access all things about the book. And of course you’re welcome to look around at the other books that might be on your learning journey.



WickedlySmart Projects is the next step in your learning journey. With WickedlySmart Projects you’ll put all the pieces together to build real things, interesting things, things you might even want to show your friends (or even use to get a startup going).

WickedlySmart Project #1

Project #1: Build the Game of Life

Explore the worlds of cellular atomata & artificial life in a one page app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s time to integrate your skills, that is markup, style and behavior, all in one page, by creating an interactive and dynamic application right in your browser.

WickedlySmart Project #2

Project #2: A Generative Music Box

Build a generative music box making use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with a few JavaScript libraries. Created in the spirit of Brian Eno’s and Peter Chilver’s Bloom app, this project makes use of the canvas, JavaScript’s timing methods and the Web Audio API.

WickedlySmart Project #2

What's Next?

We really need your suggestions for new projects. What kinds of projects really get you interested and inspired? What languages and environments are you interested in?


Experimenting with CSS

Over the years CSS has grown… a lot. Just like with HTML and JavaScript APIs (like geolocation and web storage), the specification for CSS—that is, what constitutes correct CSS rules and properties—is managed by the W3C, the World Wide Web...

JavaScript’s new way to make objects

In JavaScript, we use functions in three different ways: as methods of objects; as constructors of objects; and, as “regular” functions (that is, functions we typically write either as top-level functions, or functions we pass as anonymous functions to...

The Art of Design Patterns

Anyone who has ever been late on a software development project (who hasn’t?) can relate to this. Software development starts to feel more like an art or craft when the best you can do is roughly estimate the size and scope of a job and then cross your fingers and hope for the best — certainly, it is at times like these when our field doesn’t feel like much of a science.

JavaScript arrow functions

JavaScript isn’t the first language to use first class functions, but it’s likely the language that made them popular. Java, Objective C, C#, C++, Python… these are all languages that did not have first class functions until recently.


Are you reading Head First JavaScript Programming? Did you know there is a video companion series to get you started on each chapter? Just head over to YouTube via the link below to get started today! Haven’t heard of Head First JavaScript Programming? It’s the brain-friendly guide that teaches you everything from JavaScript language fundamentals to advanced topics, including objects, functions, and the browser’s document object model. You won’t just be reading—you’ll be playing games, solving puzzles, pondering mysteries, and interacting with JavaScript in ways you never imagined.

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