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NEW: HTML, CSS & JavaScript coders: Challenge yourself with WickedlySmart Project #1

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If you weren’t wickedly smart you wouldn’t be here—you want the tools, techniques and hacks that will grow your audience, build your brand, super-charge your startup, and accelerate building your app or service. We’ve helped over half a million people do just that. Just hand over your name & email and we’ll start feeding your brain.

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Looking for code samples, errata, book resources, and community for your new Head First book? Just click or touch the book cover below to access all things about the book. And of course you’re welcome to look around at the other books that might be on your learning journey.


Calling all Want-to-be Coders!

Head First Learn to Code writing is underway, but we’d seriously like your input. If you’re game, please take a little time and fill out a survey by clicking the button below, and if you really want to get involved, you’ll find further instructions at the end of the survey.

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Check out a few new things we have in progress, and stay tuned 2017 is going to be a big year or new offerings from developers and non-developers alike!

Design Patterns Bootcamp

Take your software design skills to the next level with design patterns. Join Eric Freeman and Elisabeth Robson, co-authors of the industry’s “go to” book for learning design patterns, Head First Design Patterns, in a two-day course on the fundamentals of patterns.

Put it all together

WickedlySmart Projects is the next step in your learning journey. With WickedlySmart Projects you’ll put all the pieces together to build real things, interesting things, things you might even want to show your friends (or even use to get a startup going).

Early Access: Learn to Code

Head First Learn to Code is being written as we speak. Want to start learning before the book is published? Well, we’re working on that, but you’ve got to promise to get involved and provide feedback.

Manager's Guide to Design Patterns

We’ve created a guide that gives you the gist of design patterns, just enough to get you started. In the guide we’ll step you through what a design pattern is, how design patterns are different from design principles, why both are so important in software design, and even how design patterns can help make your team more efficient. It’s a quick read, and best of all it’s FREE! So pick yours up today.

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Check out the latest content from the WickedlySmart Crew.

Head First Design Patterns makes the top 10

Dev-Books just analyzed 40,000,000 questions and answers on Stack Overflow to put together a list of the top ten books on programming and coding—and Head First Design Patterns made the list!

Build some Artificial Life Today

Explore the worlds of cellular automata & artificial life in a one page app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s time to integrate your skills, that is markup, style and behavior, all in one page, by creating an interactive and dynamic application right in your browser.

Browser Hacks: Editing your HTML and CSS

Chrome and Safari allow you to edit your HTML and CSS right in the browser. These browser tools and features have expanded considerably in the past couple of years, let’s see how to experiment without leaving the browser.

5 reasons to Finally Learn Design Patterns

Crafted by experienced object-oriented practitioners, design patterns can make your designs more flexible, more resilient to change, and easier to maintain. So, if design patterns still aren’t part of your development toolbelt, here are five reasons you should add them.

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