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Exciting news: we’ve partnered with one of our favorite online training sites,, to produce a set of HTML5 and CSS3 tutorials, and our tutorials are up and ready for you. You’ll find the first, a FREE, hour-long, turbo-charged quickstart on HTML and CSS at:

After that, jump into everything you need to master the basics of the HyperText Markup Language in an in-depth 90 minute tutorial at 20% off with this link:

And from there we have a whole series of tutorials covering every aspect of HTML5, CSS3 and related technologies that will be appearing throughout the summer.

In these tutorials you’ll find the same WickedlySmart approach we used for our books right here in quick, convenient, entertaining videos that will get you to the point of mastery.

Come join us!

Elisabeth and Eric, co-founders of WickedlySmart

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