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Learning how to build real, interesting software is no easy task. You can only read so many books and online tutorials before you have to make it real. Your mind needs to solve real-world, realistic problems—problems that are interesting, problems that are worth your time, and problems that exercise all the skills needed to ship your application or service.


WickedlySmart Projects is the next step in your learning journey. With WickedlySmart Projects you’ll put all the pieces together to build real things, interesting things, things you might even want to show your friends (or even use to get a startup going).

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Over the last decade our Head First readers have requested one thing above all others: real, intriguing projects that take your learning further and integrate all your skills. With that motivation we created WickedlySmart Projects to engage your mind, bring your skills together and expose you to all aspects of real development.

Project-based Learning

Deep understanding requires the integration of all your knowledge; soup to nuts projects are your path to exercising and stretching all those areas of knowledge.

Real World

Tired of building code snippets and toy programs? We are too. With Projects, you’ll build real applications that deliver real functionality.


Real world development isn’t limited to writing some code. Real projects require design, styling, user interaction, and network services (to name just a few).

Engaging Work

Your brain hates boring work, and mind-numbing exercises about foo and bar don’t help. We’ve spent a lot of time creating interesting, engaging projects that engage your mind.

Expert Paths

Experts don’t do the expected; they take short cuts. They don’t go by the book; they use resources at hand. We’ll show you how.



Developers don’t code in a vacuum, they share ideas, they ask questions, and, most important, they learn by watching.


Get started with Project #1 and #2, and get your suggestions in for future projects!

WickedlySmart Project #1

Project #1: Build the Game of Life

Explore the worlds of cellular atomata & artificial life in a one page app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It’s time to integrate your skills, that is markup, style and behavior, all in one page, by creating an interactive and dynamic application right in your browser.

WickedlySmart Project #2

Project #2: A Generative Music Box

Build a generative music box making use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript along with a few JavaScript libraries. Created in the spirit of Brian Eno’s and Peter Chilver’s Bloom app, this project makes use of the canvas, JavaScript’s timing methods and the Web Audio API.

WickedlySmart Project #2

What's Next?

We really need your suggestions for new projects. What kinds of projects really get you interested and inspired? What languages and environments are you interested in?

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