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Ready to learn how to program? Or, perhaps you already know how to program in another language, like Ruby or PHP or Python, but need to know JavaScript? Then Head First JavaScript Programming is for you.

Head First JavaScript Programming starts with the basics (variables, types, functions, objects), but very quickly ramps up to more advanced topics. By Chapter 8, you’ll be building a web application for a game and using best practices in object oriented design. By the time you finish the book, you’ll know how to write JavaScript code to interact with the browser, understand what a closure is, and how to design a prototype chain so your objects can inherit properties.

And you’ll learn all this in a fun and engaging way. We step you through each new concept with plenty of examples, lots of visual explanations, and exercises so you can try writing code on your own as you go (the only way to learn is by doing!).

If you want to learn JavaScript the fun way, so it sticks in your brain and you don’t just forget it all the next day, try Head First JavaScript Programming.

What people are saying about Head First JavaScript Programming

“An excellent introduction to programming combined with advanced topics like object construction, inheritance, and closures allows readers to move from the basics to some of the most interesting concepts in modern computer programming.” –Peter Casey Professor, Central Oregon Community College

“This book takes you behind the scenes of JavaScript and leaves you with a deep understanding of how this remarkable programming language works.” –Chris Fuselier Engineering Consultant

“I wish I’d had Head First JavaScript Programming when I was starting out!” –Daniel Konopacki Staff Software Engineer, The Walt Disney Company

“This is the first JavaScript book that I have ever really liked.” — Craig, amazon.com review

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You can order Head First JavaScript Programming now at amazon.com or O’Reilly Media (use promo code HFJSP, valid through 2014, for 40% off the print book).

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