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Suggestions for new projects?

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    We really need your suggestions for new projects. What kinds of projects really get you interested and inspired? What languages and environments are you interested in?



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    Walter Falby

    I have a couple of pet peeves in the Java area. First, the memory analyzers available are near useless when trying to find a memory leak in an application. I’ve tried two of them. They were nearly identical in their output. Neither got me to the code that caused the leak. I understand that the problem may be the lack of code; objects not be freed. They should tell me where the object that caused the leak was created. And then there is the problem of a multi-threaded app. One thread that is the hog and another thread that is the piglet but gets just enough memory to cause the problem. Second, finding the line of code that caused an unhandled exception. This could be a runtime exception. A simple example would be a divide by zero. For both of these, the platform matters. Since Java can run anywhere, the solution should be platform independent. I have some ideas for Java running on z/OS; IBM’s mainframe operating system. It may be that the platform defines the solution. Something to noodle on.

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    Elisabeth Robson

    Thank you for the suggestions, Walter.

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    Joseph Jalbert

    How about a simple program that could download the latest entries in a checking account from a previously opened page on a banking site, into an html page in my computer, to show how that would be accomplished. Authentication is too complex for a small project I assume. I simply want to understand the process better.

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    It’s all about connecting applications, now, right? So, what about a project about pushing data into a crm using cURL + JSON and an API key? And vice versa, ie retrieving data from the crm. Suggestion for the crm : Prosperworks. In general, a project how cURL can be applied.

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    It would be really cool to do a project using CreateJS to build a browser based game.

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    Elisabeth Robson

    Thanks for your suggestions!!

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    Nenad Bulatović

    Java + Spring and maybe Hibernate would be great.

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