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Tired of learning JavaScript with the same boring, todo-list kind of examples?

Master HTML, CSS and JavaScript through wickedly smart projects instead.

There’s no better way to master HTML, CSS and JavaScript than with a rich, interesting and challenging project, and boy do we have one for you: exploring the world of cellular automata & artificial life by building a single page web app called the Game of Life. What’s that? Check out the tour below!

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What do I need to know?

This project is all about integrating those client-side technology skills. We’ll teach you all the extras you need to know, so make sure you’ve got the prerequisites covered:


Otherwise known as HyperText Markup Language. You’ll need basic knowledge of HTML.


JavaScript, the behavior side of the browser. You’ll need to know the JavaScript fundamentals: variables, statements, iteration, functions, and objects.


The DOM, or document object model, is the browser’s object model. We’ll be using the DOM, and a little knowledge is helpful, but you can probably pick it up as we go.


Do you have style? That is, do you know Cascading Style Sheets? You just need basic knowledge.

Events and Timers

Knowledge of handing events and timers in JavaScript is helpful, but we’ll teach you how to use them.

Generative Algorithms

Absolutely no knowledge of generative algorithms or artificial life is needed. We’ll teach you everything you need to know.


Discover the Game of Life

No, we’re not talking about the Milton Bradley board game, we’re talking about the Game of Life, a fascinating world of emergent behavior based on incredibly simple rules, discovered by the brilliant British mathematician John Horton Conway. And with your HTML, CSS & JavaScript coding skills, you’re going to implement a simulator for this world from scratch.

The Game of Life is a simple simulation that exhibits incredibly interesting emergent behavior. It’s perfect for a project because its core algorithm has only four rules, allowing you to focus on implementing user interaction, the display, and the timing aspects of the game. Here are a few other facts about the game:

  • The board consists of a two-dimensional grid, where each cell is alive or dead.
  • In each round of the game, cells live or die based on four simple rules (which we’ll give you).
  • From these simple rules, a whole world of life, death, mobility and replication emerges.
  • Those who study this game (yes, people study it) refer to the patterns it generates with terms like still life, oscillators, gliders and spaceships.

The rules of cell life and death; we’ll cover these in detail in the course.


Take a look behind the scenes

Don’t take our word for it. Take a tour of WickedlySmart Projects in living color. This short video will give you a taste of what you’ll get with a WickedlySmart Project.


How do I get it?

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  • You’ll work across design, styling, user interaction, coding, and testing.
  • Expect your mind to be engaged.
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